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Eden Abergil, former Israel government militant, proudly posted pictures with bound and blindfolded prisoners to her Facebook profile. She is defending her pride and went so far to say she would “gladly kill Arabs—even slaughter them”, adding: “In war there are no rules.”

Yousef Munayyer, executive director at The Jerusalem Fund & The Palestine Center, debated this is much bigger issue of racism and dehumanization with Richard Hellman, president at the Middle East Research Center on “The Alonya Show” at RT where host Alonya Minkovski goes a bit fair, asking if this is Israel’s Abu Ghraib. The images were extraordinarily graphic from Abu Ghraib, but more importantly, more people paid attention to it, yet not enough. Her point that the “dehumanization”  aspect is striking and goes to the root of the problem (8:41):


Emma Goldman (1869-1940) played an integral role in further defining libertarian philosophy, but even more as an uncompromising activist against statist economics and the beginning of the warfare Empire. She laid the roots for a rational feminist movement when women were not accepted as capable of being anywhere near rational. Her writings and life show us that she never took an institution asserting authority as self-justifying. She was the person Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of President William McKinley, said inspired him to do so.

Known as an ‘anarcha-feminist’ to many, an advocate for liberty, reason, individualism, mutual cooperation, homesteading, atheism, free speech, female emancipation, sexual freedom, birth control, morally just insurrection, against politics, politicians, and the conscription of the working class on behalf of the oligarchs. A Russian immigrant exiled from the U.S. after three decades of life for her opposition to U.S. involvement in World War I. With her flaws, she’s one of the relatively few true heroes (heroines) in a U.S. history full of villains.

Part One: “Arriving in America” (9:26):


Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) Research Assosciate Kevin Carson on the ignorant bliss of “American exceptionalism”. (more…)

Prof. Ralph Raico‘s lecture at Mises University 2009 – “Liberalism” – 28 July 09 (62:04):

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Libertarian scholar Roderick T. Long discusses the non-aggression principle, left-libertarianism, racism, class consciousness, and Marx (56:41):


Alex Jones interviews Peter Schiff on manufactured nationalism, the bankrupt USA, the wasteful novelties polluting the pending stimulus package, the engineers of the economic crisis appointed to ‘fix’ it, Obama’s promotion of the $10 trillion robbery for the banksters, and price-fixing on the backs of the working class and productive countries around the world. (more…)