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Kevin Carson on the perpetuity of the National Security State.


Kevin Carson at the Center for a Stateless Society on the perpetual tyranny necessary for a ‘war on drugs’.


Professor Noam Chomsky’s post-9/11 bibliography was rejected as a donation from a Pentagon lawyer to the library at the Guantánamo Bay prison complex. (more…)

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is challenging a California law in federal court ordering authorities to extract and database a DNA sample from people accused of felonies. (more…)

Center for a Stateless Society news analyst Thomas Knapp on the arrest of G-20 protest organizers in their hotel room for using Twitter to mobilize demonstrations during the Pittsburgh Summit over a week ago. Elliot Madison and Martin Stolar, one of the men arrested and his attorney, were interviewed on Democracy Now! this morning. Exactly one week after police raided Mr. Martin’s hotel room home was raided, the F.B.I.forcefully raided his home and conducted a 16-hour search.  See the interview here.


Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) Research Assosciate Kevin Carson on the ignorant bliss of “American exceptionalism”. (more…)

al-Qa’ida offers truce with the U.S. including no sacrifices of ‘our freedom’; U.K. seeks to mandate ‘Big Brother’ surveillance in private homes; Pentagon wants to accelerate production of new 30,000 pound ‘bunker buster’ bomb; Wall St. ‘reaping outsized profits’ from the Federal [sic] Reserve; Israel steals homes from 50 Palestinians for Jewish settlers and more… (more…)

Interview with a recently released Bagram detainee; U.S. military possibly broke Posse Comitatus spying on activists for two years; The sheep are begging for the Police State; 96% of risk in the hands of five banks; and more… (more…)

Kevin Carson breaks down the hypocrisy of the Republican Party ‘philosophy’.


Obama drafting executive order for prolonged, indefinite detention; A ridiculously tragic Gitmo story from Andy Worthington; Spain greatly curbs “universal jurisdiction” law to protect U.S torturers; Gareth Porter on the B.S. report from the U.S. military “investigation into the Farah Massacre it carried out May 4; Torture in Israel; Sheldon Richman on healthcare, democracy, and American politics; and more… (more…)

Jeremy Scahill on “Obama’s undeclared war against Pakistan”; The end of Western hegemony?; Deaths in Iraq on the rise;  Admitting fraud, Iran denies nullifying vote; Mousavi calls for rally on Thursday, Iran judiciary threatens force; Somalia announces “state of emergency”; U.K. thugs arrest women for asking their badge numbers; Scientology leader beats his staff. (more…)

Total WTF? on District Attorney’s Office for the Third Judicial District et al v. Osbourne. (more…)

Israel hints at ‘broader regional war’, Pakistan criticizes Obama surge, Congress subpoenas the Fed, U.N. tells Israel to ‘fundamentally change policies’, first Gitmo trial to begin, Hizbollah responds to losing election, South African study calls Israel’s policies ‘apartheid’ and colonial’, Venezuela uses military to silence critics. (more…)

Kevin Carson on the police. (more…)