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Specifics of its agreement with the government reveal BP PLC has not agreed, as is widely reported, to set aside a $20bn escrow fund for the Deepwater Horizon explosion that flooded the Gulf of Mexico with millions of barrels of oil. CNN reported Tuesday morning that University of South Florida researchers are calling the floor of the Gulf “a constellation” oil, based on preliminary observations of images (10:47):


Esteemed Swiss investment analyst and philanthropist Marc Faber on the ‘Zimbabwean’ economic model of the US. (more…)

Alex Jones interviews Peter Schiff on manufactured nationalism, the bankrupt USA, the wasteful novelties polluting the pending stimulus package, the engineers of the economic crisis appointed to ‘fix’ it, Obama’s promotion of the $10 trillion robbery for the banksters, and price-fixing on the backs of the working class and productive countries around the world. (more…)