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Response to a criticism of left-libertarianism posted at The Libertarian Standard by Juan Fernando Carpio.


Kevin Carson at the Center for a Stateless Society on the myths and prejudices of the status quo healthcare system, ‘government takeovers’ and the fake ‘options’ presented by the oligarchs.


At the 1990 Mises University at Stanford, Professor Murray Rothbard (1926-1995) spoke on the collapse of the Soviet Union and the future for freed markets in a lecture titled, “The Future of Austrian Economics.” Educational and always humorous, he shows the flaws of the U.S.S.R. weren’t practical blunders, but ideological and methodological flaws of “planning the modern industrial State” which made its demise inevitable from the start and why compromising radical philosophy with the irrational “doesn’t work”. (49:39):


A conversation with Peter Mac and Larken Rose about the true roots of statism – 27 June 09 (2:05:36):


Prof. Ralph Raico‘s lecture at Mises University 2009 – “Liberalism” – 28 July 09 (62:04):

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The late-Prof. Murray Rothbard speaks at the 1989 Michigan Libertarian Party Convention with a Q&A session on politics, the savings and loan bailout of the 80’s, the criminal nature of the banking industry, insider trading, the corporate elite, and even swine flu (1:20:00):


Brad Spangler on left libertarian terminology and strategy: ‘Obama the Statist’ and more. (more…)

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, on how violence borgs voluntaryism and false concepts obscuring real violence. (more…)

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, on how political, economic, and social concepts kill clarity — and how to bring the truth to any debate. (more…)

The absurdity of copyright and ‘cui bono?’ of it all. (more…)

The guy toward the end saying that gays in San Fransisco don’t really make the statement some could make in Nebraska.

Not necessarily. If the people “protesting” actually protested, it would make a statement. To protest, one shows the value they add to the collective society by removing what they contribute to those who are oppressing them; the protester wouldn’t patronize businesses that aid the marketplace.

Seeing as this is a protest stemmed from gay marriage arguments, this protest is a bit of a joke as is every outrage directed toward the results of the Prop 8 ballot measure and Prop 8’s mere existence on the ballot itself. If the LGBT community wants to make a statement, they’d not go to work or patronize businesses and marry.

Flood the churches willing to perform the ceremonies. Get a group of ordained ministers in the LGBT community to conduct ceremonies in public.

To protest Prop 8, every proponent of gay rights and liberty — gay or straight — should make the statement that marriage is a pledge between two consenting adults and God, not the State. Get married and don’t apply for a license. File for civil union and lobby to separate the church from the State and abolish marriage licensing — as it’s an illegitimate authority of government to verify or override an ordained minister’s religious ceremony that violates the rights of no one.

If it’s all about people’s warped vision of God and forcing that vision on others based on irrational subjectivity (bigotry), test their faith. Is marriage a union before God or the State? If marriage is a union before God, the authority lies with God. If marriage is about the State, one can’t argue denying the right for any two consenting adults to file for civil union — and no one really does.

The burden of proof is not on gays to justify their right to marry. It’s on the State to justify its authority in this matter. Until then, marriage licensing is absolutely illegitimate.