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Eden Abergil, former Israel government militant, proudly posted pictures with bound and blindfolded prisoners to her Facebook profile. She is defending her pride and went so far to say she would “gladly kill Arabs—even slaughter them”, adding: “In war there are no rules.”

Yousef Munayyer, executive director at The Jerusalem Fund & The Palestine Center, debated this is much bigger issue of racism and dehumanization with Richard Hellman, president at the Middle East Research Center on “The Alonya Show” at RT where host Alonya Minkovski goes a bit fair, asking if this is Israel’s Abu Ghraib. The images were extraordinarily graphic from Abu Ghraib, but more importantly, more people paid attention to it, yet not enough. Her point that the “dehumanization”  aspect is striking and goes to the root of the problem (8:41):