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At the 1990 Mises University at Stanford, Professor Murray Rothbard (1926-1995) spoke on the collapse of the Soviet Union and the future for freed markets in a lecture titled, “The Future of Austrian Economics.” Educational and always humorous, he shows the flaws of the U.S.S.R. weren’t practical blunders, but ideological and methodological flaws of “planning the modern industrial State” which made its demise inevitable from the start and why compromising radical philosophy with the irrational “doesn’t work”. (49:39):


Prof. Ralph Raico‘s lecture at Mises University 2009 – “Liberalism” – 28 July 09 (62:04):

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UNLV Professor Emeritus of Economics Hans-Hermann Hoppe‘s lecture at Mises University 2009 – “Prazeology: The Austrian Method” – 27 July 09 (15:06):

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Scott Horton interviews Ludwig von Mises Institute president Lew Rockwell, Jr. (more…)

NYT bestselling author and historian Thomas E. Woods, Jr. on how then-president Warren G. Harding got America out the depression we never read about. Very funny and informative (yet, somewhat vulgar. Ugh!). (more…)

LRC Podcast with Guido Hülsmann on monetary rights and wrongs. (more…)

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AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton interviews Anthony Gregory on the tyrannical, racist drug war and civil [sic] forfeiture a week after his speech at the 2009 NH Liberty Forum. (more…)

Brad Spangler responds to Stephan Kinsella’s criticism directed toward Spangler’s blog post,”Support ACORN’S Foreclosure Resistance Campaign”. (more…)

Peter Schiff attacks Obama’s plan to revive the economy through credit — where liabilites preceed assets. (more…)

Stefan Moyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, on the current economic crisis and the change we need for a real, reasonable, ethical, viable solution. (more…)

Portland, OR radio show interviews anarchist activist William Gillis and historian Shawn Wilbur about market anarchism, left-libertarianism,  the State’s relations with labor. (more…)

Jeff Tucker on the libertarian giant vs. copyright. (more…)

China is concerned with the depreciation of the dollar, due to US money creation out of control. (more…)