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The economic war being waged against Greece, the E.U.—and North America! (40:07):


via the London Telegraph: “The head of China’s central bank has given the strongest signal yet that the country will move away from pegging its currency to the dollar, but he said any changes would be gradual.”


Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital and 2010 candidate for senator in Connecticut, on U.S. international dependency and challenges Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Alan Blinder to name something his boss has done right. Funny. (4:15):


What happened to your income over the past decade, and why… (12:13):


Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on the misdirected outrage of the working class in this economic crisis leading to ill-informed embrace of the State.


China’s ‘worries’ about the US economy are a louder crash to Earth than the Newspeak suggests. (h/t:@bradspangler) (more…)

Obama’s budget ignores the causes of our economic crisis — ‘believing his own ruling class hype’. (more…)

Why do you think China can afford to bail out the American people? (more…)

Peter Schiff attacks Obama’s plan to revive the economy through credit — where liabilites preceed assets. (more…)

Stefan Moyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, on the current economic crisis and the change we need for a real, reasonable, ethical, viable solution. (more…)

China is concerned with the depreciation of the dollar, due to US money creation out of control. (more…)

A crash course in the system that binds us — upon which wage slavery and economic crises exist — introducing Jake Towne’s 15-article series. (more…)

Esteemed Swiss investment analyst and philanthropist Marc Faber on the ‘Zimbabwean’ economic model of the US. (more…)

Alex Jones interviews Peter Schiff on manufactured nationalism, the bankrupt USA, the wasteful novelties polluting the pending stimulus package, the engineers of the economic crisis appointed to ‘fix’ it, Obama’s promotion of the $10 trillion robbery for the banksters, and price-fixing on the backs of the working class and productive countries around the world. (more…)

Anarcho-capitalist President of the Mises Institute Lew Rockwell on the far-sighted “intellectual clarity” necessary to understand the current economic crisis. (more…)