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Scott Horton, anarchist host of AntiWar Radio, spoke to the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of New Hampshire on why libertarians should be antiwar, the history of oligarchs lying the U.S. into wars, the becoming of the Empire, blowback, how Osama bin Laden baited the U.S. into Afghanistan to end the Empire as the U.S. did to the Soviets, and irrational American exceptionalism—introducing Thomas Woods – 6 November 09 – (27:36):


Emma Goldman (1869-1940) played an integral role in further defining libertarian philosophy, but even more as an uncompromising activist against statist economics and the beginning of the warfare Empire. She laid the roots for a rational feminist movement when women were not accepted as capable of being anywhere near rational. Her writings and life show us that she never took an institution asserting authority as self-justifying. She was the person Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of President William McKinley, said inspired him to do so.

Known as an ‘anarcha-feminist’ to many, an advocate for liberty, reason, individualism, mutual cooperation, homesteading, atheism, free speech, female emancipation, sexual freedom, birth control, morally just insurrection, against politics, politicians, and the conscription of the working class on behalf of the oligarchs. A Russian immigrant exiled from the U.S. after three decades of life for her opposition to U.S. involvement in World War I. With her flaws, she’s one of the relatively few true heroes (heroines) in a U.S. history full of villains.

Part One: “Arriving in America” (9:26):