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Emma Goldman (1869-1940) played an integral role in further defining libertarian philosophy, but even more as an uncompromising activist against statist economics and the beginning of the warfare Empire. She laid the roots for a rational feminist movement when women were not accepted as capable of being anywhere near rational. Her writings and life show us that she never took an institution asserting authority as self-justifying. She was the person Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of President William McKinley, said inspired him to do so.

Known as an ‘anarcha-feminist’ to many, an advocate for liberty, reason, individualism, mutual cooperation, homesteading, atheism, free speech, female emancipation, sexual freedom, birth control, morally just insurrection, against politics, politicians, and the conscription of the working class on behalf of the oligarchs. A Russian immigrant exiled from the U.S. after three decades of life for her opposition to U.S. involvement in World War I. With her flaws, she’s one of the relatively few true heroes (heroines) in a U.S. history full of villains.

Part One: “Arriving in America” (9:26):


msnbc’s Andrea Mitchell reports that–according to military sources–redacted in the report [.pdf] submitted to the Pentagon by the top U.S.-NATO commander, General Stanley McChrystal, is the assessment that 500,000 troops are needed in Afghanistan between the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the Afghan National Army (A.N.A.). By this fall, the U.S. share of the—over 100,000-troop—ISAF coalition is to be around 68,000 and the A.N.A. is currently numbered at around 92,000 (0:53):


Prof. Howard Zinn discusses the lost realities of three ‘romanticized, idealized’ American wars: the American Revolution, Civil War, and World War II. (36:50):


James Bovard discusses the GIVE Act, AmeriCoprs, and expansion of ‘public’ service on AntiWar Radio. (more…)

Alex Jones’ recent documentary on the banking cartel’s interests overriding the American people, blinded by Obama’s cult of personality. (more…)