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The U.S. congressman plans to introduce a bill in 2011 that would force the claimed gold holdings at Fort Knox and the central bank in New York to be audited for the first time in almost 60 years.


Kevin Carson on the root of the American Empire.


Anthony Gregory at The Independent Institute blog, The Beacon, on the ‘progressive’ media’s embrace of government thugs at war with people.


Darian Worden from the Center for a Stateless Society on solidarity for survival and prosperity.


Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) Research Assosciate Kevin Carson on the ignorant bliss of “American exceptionalism”. (more…)

Interview with a recently released Bagram detainee; U.S. military possibly broke Posse Comitatus spying on activists for two years; The sheep are begging for the Police State; 96% of risk in the hands of five banks; and more… (more…)

Kevin Carson breaks down the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party ‘philosophy’.


Prof. Howard Zinn discusses the lost realities of three ‘romanticized, idealized’ American wars: the American Revolution, Civil War, and World War II. (36:50):


Great article by Simon Schama in the Financial Times weekend section on American presidents battling with banksters. Read the full article. You can ignore the last paragraph. Anyone semi-literate knows that making money “moral again” won’t happen with this president. (more…)

Gerald Celente on The Lew Rockwell Show. (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on the anatomy of the ‘state enforced unions of the rich’: corporations. (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on the effects of the New Deal furthering corporatism and prolonging the Great Depression. (more…)

AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton interviews Anthony Gregory on the tyrannical, racist drug war and civil [sic] forfeiture a week after his speech at the 2009 NH Liberty Forum. (more…)

Murray Rothbard’s very insightful (yet, entertaining) in-depth analysis of John Maynard Keynes from Harvard Square, Massachusetts —  29 Apr 1989. (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on Obama’s ongoing occupation of Iraq, FDIC ‘reserves’, and the accusations of Bernie Madoff. (more…)