Afghan Elections Rigged on Video? (Video)

Posted: 28 September 2010 by Little Alex in Af-Pak War
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Yes, people videotaped it and Al Jazeera broke the story (2:26):

The story isn’t the obvious expectation that Afghanistan’s elections are rigged. We wouldn’t expect them to be performed in any other manner.

But, apparently the Afghans are like our dads in the early-1980s—so impressed with the VHS motion picture thingamabob—that everything must be videotaped, especially ‘Fixing Elections Day’.

The video was first aired on Al Jazeera English and obtained by McClatchy shows three men, surrounded by armed guards, frantically filling in stacks of ballots and stuffing them into the boxes. Dion Nissenbaum’s McClatchy report cites an unnamed Afghan politician as the source of the video, which can been seen raw at the top of his article:

Video obtained by McClatchy shows a man in an Afghan border police uniform standing watch while three men appear to be stuffing votes into a ballot box.

The one-minute clip, which couldn’t be independently authenticated, is one of thousands of cases that could tilt the balance of legislative races as elections officials examine the complaints and prepare to release full results in a few weeks.

The video, obtained from an Afghan politician who asked not to be identified for safety reasons, shows three men sitting on the floor filling out ballot after ballot and then stuffing them into the nearby ballot box. It shows a man in a border police uniform standing with a Kalashnikov rifle and keeping guard over the apparent ballot stuffing.

The not-yet authenticated video, according to the source, “was shot in Spin Boldak, a scrappy town along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border that’s controlled by Abdel Razek, a feared border police commander dubbed ‘the Master of Spin Boldak’ “, according to Mr. Nissenbaum’s report, which added:

It was impossible, however, to determine who was the beneficiary of the apparent ballot stuffing.

Elections officials said Monday that they’re investigating more than 3,600 complaints from the Sept. 18 election to select 249 members of the elected house of the country’s bicameral parliament.

  1. I think the government needs to start telling the truth about the real reason for the US war in Pakistan (and Afghanistan) – namely the deep water port at Gwadar in Pakistan’s tribal areas. This, along with the new Iran-Pakistan-China pipeline guarantees China a virtual monopoly on Iran’s rich oil and natural gas deposits. I blog about this at

  2. ephraiyim says:

    Let me see this sounds like…wait for it…US elections. Huh…wondered how that happened…?

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