Little Alex in Wonderland (LAW) is the exploration of domestic and international affairs through history, current events, and philosophy from libertarian point of view. It is not the effort of this blog to demand one authoritative economic system. Instead, we embrace diversity to discover methods that are viable and, therefore, based on reason. The diversity of man calls for his/her liberty. Society calls for his/her participation. Demanding one model of economics—subjected onto others without their consent—is counter-productive to the specific effort of this blog: to educate and encourage this participation.

The Word: ‘Libertarian’

LAW does not support the American Libertarian Party.

Little Alex and Sayyid are both anarchists who dislike using ‘anarchist’ because of the stigma that makes people think of terrorists and nihilism. Sayyid being Iranian and Little Alex being Indian doesn’t make things any better were we to walk around calling ourselves “anarchists.”

With a shared world view in the rule of Natural Law, we’re both anti-theft, making us anti-coercion, making us anti-state, making us anti-war. This makes us pro-liberty, making us both true libertarians. So, instead of ‘anarchist,’ you’ll usually see ‘libertarian’ on this blog.


The name of the blog is simply an effort at being ‘clever’. Little Alex and Sayyid cooperatively select all content presented and how it’s presented. Joint research complilations from Little Alex and Sayyid are not credited to one or the other as the ‘author’ or ‘poster’, but to “Editors”.


Contributors to LAW do not endorse the full content of this blog. Contributors merely grant consent to post their content. Copyright remains with the contributor.

We’re greatly honored to have Prof. Chomsky’s consent to post his articles to a special section: “Chomsky’s Lectern“.

Copyleft Licensing

All content on LAW is ‘copylefted’ under the Creative Commons License meaning that you are free to share, copy, re-post, re-print, re-distribute, or transmit original content work under the conditions that you:

  • Source the original post;
  • Credit the author;
  • DO NOT use our content for commercial purposes;
  • DO NOT alter our content without editor[s] notes specifying alterations;
  • DO NOT restrict the author’s right to consent in any way.

Contact us for any permission/clarifications. Little Alex or Sayyid should get back to you within 24-48 hours.

As libertarians, we do not profess a subjective ownership to information, but this blog is a result of a lot of labor and firmly request that natural right to own our labor be respected.


LAW is a non-profit blog in the effort to educate. This blog contains copyrighted material not authorized by the copyright holder. The source of copyrighted material on this blog is always always cited where it is used and all copyrighted material used are such that are freely accessible through the source cited. The use of copyrighted material on this site complies with the FAIR USE section of US Copyright Law. Copyright remains with the publisher and any commercial use of such copyrighted material is strictly prohibited by US Copyright Law without the consent of the copyright holder.


All comments must be approved by an editor beofre it is displayed, but the only comments blocked are spam, racist vulgarity, and links to hate sites . Dissent is very welcome. Racism (notably, anti-Semitism) is not. Our critical content regarding the Palestine-Israel region pertains to States, authority, and collective jingoism. Not one editor or contributor to LAW is an anti-Semite.