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Cory Doctorow, co-founding editor at Boing Boing and author spoke with Reason editor Nick Gillespie on the prejudice against children, the impact of offering his books for free and the obsolescence of creative monopoly (5:26):


Miles Berry’s ‘provocation paper’ for the recent Open Source Schools think tank on open source education. (h/t: Michael Bauwens)


via Charles “Rad Geek” Johnson’s blog: Freedom is not a conservative idea. It is not a prop for corporate power and the political-economic statist quo. Libertarianism is, in fact, a revolutionary doctrine, which would undermine and overthrow every form of state coercion and authoritarian control. If we want liberty in our lifetimes, the realities of our politics need to live up to the promise our principles—we should be radicals, not reformists; anarchists, not smaller-governmentalists; defenders of real freed markets and private property, not apologists for corporate capitalism, halfway privatization or existing concentrations of wealth. Libertarianism should be a people’s movement and a liberation movement, and we should take our cues not from what’s politically polite, but from what works for a revolutionary people-power movement. Here’s how:

Part One (10:00):


The Isocracy Network interviews Mr. Carson on the theory and practice of mutualism, worker self-management, anarchist thinkers and his critics.


Vedad Krehic on ‘intellectual property’ at (LRC): How copyright has turned the record labels, software writers and film studios against their own customers.


Jeff Tucker on grasping onto one’s ‘intellectual property’. (more…)

Kevin Carson on intellectual property [sic] and Bill Gates’ view of the freed market as ‘communist’. (more…)

In this study, Kevin Carson reviews libertarian perspectives on “intellectual property”; the ethics of the practice itself and the harms resulting from it. (more…)

Kevin Carson on the ‘Copyright Nazi’ of the week, Rupert Murdoch’s latst threat to charge for internet content of News Corp. publications. (more…)

Jeff Tucker on the vice, not crime, of plagarism. (more…)

Jeff Tucker on the libertarian giant vs. copyright. (more…)

Jeff Tucker on Big Pharma, the FDA, and ‘IP’. (more…)

Jeff Tucker on the truth about the Wright Brothers, Marconi, and other wrongdoers. (more…)

Jeff Tucker on the State’s “intellectual property” vs. market competition. (more…)