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Brazil, India, and China meet in Russia as the four contries begin talks to break away from dollar hegemony — an ambition strongly pursued by Russia lately. (more…)

A crossroad for the pro-life movement and political reason. (more…)

Scott Horton interviews Ludwig von Mises Institute president Lew Rockwell, Jr. (more…)

Brad Spangler on left libertarian terminology and strategy: ‘Obama the Statist’ and more. (more…)

Lew Rockwell interviews anarcho-capitalist AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton. (more…)

Lew Rockwell and Walter Block on the failures of the State intervention in Hurricane Katrina shortly following the disaster. (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux’s response to an article criticizing a self-contradictory criticism of libertarianism.


NYT bestselling author and historian Thomas E. Woods, Jr. on how then-president Warren G. Harding got America out the depression we never read about. Very funny and informative (yet, somewhat vulgar. Ugh!). (more…)

A newly leaked terrorism assessment from a law enforcement fusion center in Virginia singles out Historically Black Colleges as potential “radicalization nodes” for terrorists. Reminder that the State is not the Black man’s friend? (more…)

J.L Bryan on one of the most controversial libertarian topics: market-based police and judicial services. (more…)

Brad Spangler: This is welcome news as it is to find out your rapist is wearing a condom. (more…)

LRC Podcast with Guido Hülsmann on monetary rights and wrongs. (more…)

Jake Towne: Do you know how much gold is exchanged daily in dollars? If not, prepare to be shocked. (more…)

Murray Rothbard’s very insightful (yet, entertaining) in-depth analysis of John Maynard Keynes from Harvard Square, Massachusetts —  29 Apr 1989. (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux’s keynote address at last weekend’s New Hampshire Liberty Forum, hosted by the Free State Project, with audience participation. Stef discusses the fight against ‘evil’ as not against evil, but against the evil that people think is ‘good’ when they propose “statist solutions toward social problems”. (more…)