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I just registered an account on Wikipedia and am seeking help/suggestions as a wikin00b.


Center for a Stateless Society news analyst Thomas Knapp on the arrest of G-20 protest organizers in their hotel room for using Twitter to mobilize demonstrations during the Pittsburgh Summit over a week ago. Elliot Madison and Martin Stolar, one of the men arrested and his attorney, were interviewed on Democracy Now! this morning. Exactly one week after police raided Mr. Martin’s hotel room home was raided, the F.B.I.forcefully raided his home and conducted a 16-hour search.  See the interview here.


Clinton is threatening U.K. if doesn’t continue to bury evidence of C.I.A. torture; Eric Holder shouldn’t have passed his first semester of law school; C.P.D. backtracking on its “deadly force” policy announcement; “Land reform” is a global heist with more guns than any other; Senior U.S. military adviser: Get out of Iraq; H.R. 1207 up to 271 co-sponsors; and more… (more…)

The opening of The Anarchist Library. Setup an account and contribute! (more…)

Kevin Carson on the ‘Copyright Nazi’ of the week, Rupert Murdoch’s latst threat to charge for internet content of News Corp. publications. (more…)

Prof. Chomsky lectures at Boston College (Feb ’09) on the election of Obama in relation to democracy in Bolivia, the public relations of US elections, the Investment Theory of Politics, the new cabinet, bailouts, and protectionism — followed by Q&A that includes Palestine-Israel discussion. (more…)