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Yesterday on Al Jazeera English’s “The Riz Khan Show”: Libertarian socialist Professor Norman Finkelstein discussed the ’08-’09 unlawful Gaza Massacre as a deliberate effort by Israel to “humiliate and terrorize” the Gazan population, its consequences for Israel on the domestic and international stage and the ‘two-state solution’ in light of his latest book on last year’s offensive, This Time We Went Too Far. He also describes why it is incorrect to call Israel’s offensive of over a year ago, a ‘war’, but a “premeditated slaughter, a massacre”. He also takes live callers with questions (22:26):


The Obama Administration’s intentions to relocate plans for “missile defense systems” from along the Russian border in Eastern Europe in order to aid Israel’s systems in intimidating Iran comes as an influential “bipartisan report” from Likudniks recommends an aggressive U.S.-Israel strike on Iran and secret U.S. intelligence reports to the White House say there are ‘no nukes in Iran’.


guardian‘s Peter Beaumont talks to leftwing Israelis about the impact of the Gaza conflict on upcoming elections. Watch more videos from this series here. (more…)

al Jazeera investigates the politics of Gaza, nationalism, and war going into Tuesday’s elections in Israel. (more…)

E-mail to members: Amnesty International researchers’ found serious violations of international law. (more…)

Post-Gaza lecture at the Palestine Cultural Center for Peace in Boston on the bigger picture of Gaza including the criminality of Washington and Tel Aviv’s actions, the outlaw State of the US, Israel’s attempted annexation/cantonization of Palestine. (more…)

Analysis of the humanitarian crisis, Israel’s responsibility, the US role in the attacks, aftermath, and peace process. (more…)

UN condemns Israel and calls for “full investigation” of its atrocities in Gaza. Two of the world’s leading human rights groups find Israel guilty of war crimes in their usage of deadly chemicals on civilians. (more…)