Yesterday on Al Jazeera English’s “The Riz Khan Show”: Libertarian socialist Professor Norman Finkelstein discussed the ’08-’09 unlawful Gaza Massacre as a deliberate effort by Israel to “humiliate and terrorize” the Gazan population, its consequences for Israel on the domestic and international stage and the ‘two-state solution’ in light of his latest book on last year’s offensive, This Time We Went Too Far. He also describes why it is incorrect to call Israel’s offensive of over a year ago, a ‘war’, but a “premeditated slaughter, a massacre”. He also takes live callers with questions (22:26):

Impact of the Gaza War on Israel

30 Mar 2010 | Al Jazeera English

The Israeli army is preparing a 1000-page document to dissect findings by South African judge Richard Goldstone about Israel’s war on Gaza in 2008-2009.

It comes on the heels of another 500-page counter by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center which has close ties to the Israel Defense Forces.

The Goldstone report concluded that both Israel and Hamas were guilty of war crimes.

But it also said Israel used disproportionate force against a civilian population, killing more than 1,400 Palestinians.

In addition to pressure over the Gaza war, Israel is also trying to resolve a recent diplomatic row with its biggest supporter, the US.

US-Israel relations were strained earlier this month after Israel announced plans to build new settlements in occupied East Jerusalem during a visit of Joe Biden, the US vice-president. Biden accused Israel of underming the peace process.

On Tuesday’s show we ask: Has there been a shift in Israel’s ties with its allies since the Gaza war and how will that affect the peace process with the Palestinians?

Is international support for Israel dwindling since the Gaza war and is it losing the battle for global public opinion?

We will talk to Norman Finkelstein, an American political scientist and author whose latest book This Time We Have Gone Too Far examines the fallout for Israel from the Gaza war.

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