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Professor Norman Finkelstein’s lecture at the University of Southern California, 11 March 2010, on the Gaza Massacre as discussed in his most recent book, This Time We Went Too Far: Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Massacre:

* The preceding internal politics of Israel, Gaza and the international community’s reaction;
* Israel breaking its ceasefire with Hamas while the world was distracted by the ‘coronation’ of Barack Obama;
* Why ’22 days of death and destruction’, as Amnesty International called the massacre, wasn’t a ‘war’;
* The ‘crimes’ of Hamas rocket attacks v. those of Israel ‘terrorizing’, according to the Goldstone Report, Gazans;
* Israel soldiers’ description of the massacre as ‘insane hunting season, like a video game, like a child killing ants with a magnifying glass’;
* Israel’s unlawful repeated targeting of civilians and the use of weaponized white phosphorus;
* The Western perpetuation of ‘Israel’s propaganda’ which is contrary to the reports of a diverse array ofnon-governmental organizations finding Israel’s ‘aim to punish, numiliate and terrorize the civilian population’ as ‘systematic and deliberate policy’, consistent with then-Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni bragging her soldiers invasion Gaza ‘demonstrated real hooliganism’;
* The bipartisan Massacre Deniers of the United States in the White House and public universities, along with Elie Wiesel—because ‘every circus needs a clown’.

A great biography on my former adviser at DePaul University in whom I take great pride and to whom I extend endless gratitude for the ways he changed my life and planted the seeds to be a better man as time moves on.

Palestine-Israel scholar (and my former pedagogue) Professor Norman Finkelstein discusses the U.N. report finding that Israel committed war crimes during Operation Cast Lead–the 22-day massacre of 1,400+ Palestinians, including hundreds of children, in Gaza that began 27 December 2008, backed by then-President-elect Barack Obama and then-President George W. Bush–on Democracy Now! (DN!) with its host, Amy Goodman. Prof. Finkelstein discusses the details of the report in comparison to those from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, the misleading rhetoric of calling the Gaza Massacre a ‘war’ and of media equivalence of the crimes from within Gaza to those committed by the Israel Defence Force (IDF).

Press TV throws my mentor, libertarian socialist Palestine-Israel scholar Dr. Norman Finkelstein, with a self-proclaimed “realist” (utilitarian) Timothy Lynch to discuss the U.S. relationship with Israel. The next day, Dr. Finkelstein was on a panel with Phyllis Bennis and Allon Ben Meir on the ‘peace process’.

Peter LaVelle’s “CrossTalk” at Russia Today has Professor Norman Finkelstein, Chris Guiness and Mitchell Barak on the panel

Norman Finkelstein comments on the State of Israel’s unlawful blockade of Gaza, leading to its Navy’s aggressive invasion of a humanitarian aid convoy.

Yesterday on Al Jazeera English’s “The Riz Khan Show”: Libertarian socialist Professor Norman Finkelstein discussed the ’08-’09 unlawful Gaza Massacre as a deliberate effort by Israel to “humiliate and terrorize” the Gazan population, its consequences for Israel on the domestic and international stage and the ‘two-state solution’ in light of his latest book on last year’s offensive, This Time We Went Too Far. He also describes why it is incorrect to call Israel’s offensive of over a year ago, a ‘war’, but a “premeditated slaughter, a massacre”. He also takes live callers with questions.

At Democracy Now!, Prof. Normal Finkelstein discusses the comments of Israeli President Binyamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at this week’s annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington, D.C. where Israel reaffirmed its defiance of international law and basic decency with the U.S. reaffirming its unconditional allegiance with the criminal Israeli government.

Russia Today interviews libertarian socialist Palestine-Israel scholar Prof. Norman Finkelstein, author of The Holocaust Industry, on Obama and Israel being a ‘Satanic client state’ of the US.

“Crisis in Gaza: The US, Israel, and Palestine” – Dr. Norman Finkelstein, Ali Abunimah and Dr. John J. Mersheimer lecture on Gaza war.

Likudniks’ rejection of conceding its occupation of Palestine confirms reports in the Israeli media that this week’s meetings between regional authorities are “ceremonial and not substantive”.

The U.S. and Israeli presidents publicly affirmed their ‘special, unbreakable bond’ and sought to justify Israel’s nuclear proliferation.

Alan Grayson got grilled by Scott Horton on U.S. military welfare for Israel and blowback.

Danny Schechter, former CNN and ABC producer, discusses how the State of Israel controls the narrative—by kidnapping all of the witness, while monopolizing the space in the media for quoted ‘officials’.

The Israel Navy prepares to stop a flotilla from heading to Gaza with thousands of tons of aid. Activists and politicians intend on breaking the unlawful blockade of the Strip.