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The U.S. secretary of defense and secretary of state talk tough on Iran’s non-operational facility for uranium low-enrichment near Qum (also spelled “Qom”) that will be open to the appropriate international weapons inspectors.


After all of the headlines and soundbites, the watchdog and intelligence agencies can’t make a case for Iran being a threat.


Top ten list of Obama’s efforts to destroy civil liberties by Jonathon Turley; Clinton voices U.S. strategy of surrounding Iran with a “defense umbrella”; U.S. clients up the human rights abuses to “fight terror”; China cashing in on its foreign holdings; and more… (more…)

UN condemns Israel and calls for “full investigation” of its atrocities in Gaza. Two of the world’s leading human rights groups find Israel guilty of war crimes in their usage of deadly chemicals on civilians. (more…)

With continued terror in place for Iraq and Afghanistan, promised terror for Pakistan, Obama’s place to change American foreign policy lies US relations with the UN and Israel. (more…)