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Think tank discovers after file released from an FOIA suit that an Israeli intelligence agent was a staffer for the Israel Lobby. Prosecutors recently dropped espionage charges from two high-level AIPAC staffers.


Consortium News founder Robert Parry discusses Latin America as the political training ground for Neo-Con torture regimes, bashing moral relativism to ‘manufacture consent’ for moral relativism, statist journalism, blowback in the Middle East, the lie of Charlie Wilson’s War, Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ role in the Former President Reagan’s C.I.A., and media scare tactics used to lie the U.S. into war with Iran with AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton (63:13):


Dennis Ross gets a bump up in the Obama Administration to manufacture consent for war with Iran; Obama to grant more power to the Federal [sic] Reserve; the ACLU releases a report analyzing the effects of racist anti-terror [sic] laws on private charities; Democrats unite to fund more war out of ‘loyalty to the president’; Russia, China, India, and Brazil begin talks to end dollar hegemony. (more…)

Riz Khan interviews Fmr. US Pres. Jimmy Carter, author of Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, who defines apartheid as a ‘land with two peoples forcibly segregated and one dominates the other’ discusses the two-state solution, AIPAC and the geopolitical effects of Palestine-Israel conflict. Carter also takes questions from callers. (more…)

Analysis of the humanitarian crisis, Israel’s responsibility, the US role in the attacks, aftermath, and peace process. (more…)