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“The Riz Khan Show” asks: “Is the U.S. weapons industry fueling global instability and sparking another arms race?” (22:29):


The U.S. ambassador to the U.N. vowed to continue fighting the Goldstone Report which condemned Israel’s war crimes in the Gaza Massacre.


Press TV asks: The U.S.-led coalition or the Taliban?: (more…)

al Jazeera’s “Inside Story” analyzes the IDF probe into its conduct in the recent Gaza Massacre, empiral evidence, and its motives behind the probe’s claims that it acted “in accordance with moral values and international law”. (more…)

al Jazeera and Human Rights Watch takes a look at white phosphorus, unlawfully used on civilians by Israel in the Gaza Massacre. (more…)

Amnesty Int’l document summary on suppliers of Gaza war calling for the US and all other suppliers to impose an “immediate and comprehensive arms embargo on Israel, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups”. (more…)

Netanyahu vows to not return Palestinian territory upon election. Obama must choose between international law and hypocrisy. (more…)

Analysis of the humanitarian crisis, Israel’s responsibility, the US role in the attacks, aftermath, and peace process. (more…)

UN condemns Israel and calls for “full investigation” of its atrocities in Gaza. Two of the world’s leading human rights groups find Israel guilty of war crimes in their usage of deadly chemicals on civilians. (more…)