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The multi-trillion dollar global question. Even if we’re going to play pretend and assume that in some Bizarro World lacking morality that pre-emptive war is justifyable, would it be justifyable against Iran? The empirical evidence suggests that such discussions cannot even be taken seriously among such hypocrites. (more…)

DN! interviews Palestinian lawmaker/activist Dr. Mustafa Barghouti and Ben-Guiron University Prof. Neve Gordon to analyze Israel’s election results, the ‘racist’ shift of Israel  completing its ‘transformation to apartheid’, and the rise of neo-fascist Avigdor Lieberman. (more…)

Jesse Rosenfeld speaks to representatives of the Arab Israeli community about the 2009 Israeli elections. (more…)

al Jazeera investigates the politics of Gaza, nationalism, and war going into Tuesday’s elections in Israel. (more…)

Netanyahu vows to not return Palestinian territory upon election. Obama must choose between international law and hypocrisy. (more…)