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Die in a drone strike.


News and views from around the web posted to the Wonderland Wire:


News and views from around the web posted to the Wonderland Wire:

Gareth Porter reports the Obama Administration pushed the Congress to extend assistance to the Pakistan military without assurances its intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), will prevent smuggling aid to the ‘militant Taliban’ it’s being paid to combat. ISI is also connected to the suspected perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks.


Philip Alston, U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, demands ‘real accountability’ for the U.S.-led coalition’s mounting death toll of Afghan civilians — notably the May attack on Farah that killed 130-140 civilians, including up to 95 children where the U.S. military concedes to making ‘significant errors’. (more…)

al Jazeera’s Marwan Bashira’s analysis with a panel including Tariq Ali and Sy Hersh on the Iraq War into the expanding Af-Pak War and the increasing amount of blood on Pres. Obama’s hands. (more…)

As promised throughout his campaign, the president will continue to expand violations of Pakistan’s sovereignty to commit drone attacks. (more…)

Amy Goodman interviews Juan Cole on DN this week on the US in the Middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Chas Freeman. (more…)

After a long march in defiance to Pak’s protest ban, Musharraf-ousted Chief Justice restored. (more…)

Hundreds have been arrested following Pakistan’s protest ban. (more…)

Retd. CIA Ray McGovern: US attempt to trap the USSR in 1979 is at root of current situation in Afghanistan. (more…)

Message from (more…)

A UCLA geographer has claimed to pinpoint the low margin of error location of Osama bin-Laden that the US is ignoring in pursuit of Obama’s ‘good war’. (more…)

Message from (title by Little Alex): (more…)

When “hawks” become “realists” in the Newspeak of change, the “dove” has just trained his sheep and propaganda wing very well. (more…)