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From today’s Daily Briefing: “‘John Jacob’ spent the last two years spying on anarchist activists of the Students for a Democratic Society in Tacoma and Olympia, WA for the U.S. military. (InfoShop News)… If the InfoShop link has problems, you can read more by Jeremy Pawloski at The Olympian.”

Amy Goodman and Anjali Kamat of Democracy Now! (DN!) interview Washington activists spied on by the military operative. The operative reportedly spied on activists from organizations including Students for a Democratic Society, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Port Militarization Resistance.


Press TV throws my mentor, libertarian socialist Palestine-Israel scholar Dr. Norman Finkelstein, with a self-proclaimed “realist” (utilitarian Newspeak regurgitator) Timothy Lynch to discuss the U.S. relationship with Israel. The next day, Dr. Finkelstein was on a panel with Phyllis Bennis and Allon Ben Meir on the ‘peace process’. (more…)