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Brother Malcolm lays out the game masters use to play their plantation against each other, form a system where the slaves fight each other for the masters’ approval, identify with the master who kills him slowly. If you still think politics is the avenue toward justice, if politicians will ever dismantle the ruling class, if becoming one with State will moralize its inherent antisocial nature, if politicians will ever really give a shit about you; if you still cling to the self-defeating belief that there’s an ounce of virtue in loving ‘your’ country, supporting ‘your’ president, exercising ‘your’ democratic opportunities by pulling a lever like a Pavlovian monkey every 2-4 years, Malcolm had something to say to you (8:32):


Center for a Stateless Society news analyst Thomas Knapp on the arrest of G-20 protest organizers in their hotel room for using Twitter to mobilize demonstrations during the Pittsburgh Summit over a week ago. Elliot Madison and Martin Stolar, one of the men arrested and his attorney, were interviewed on Democracy Now! this morning. Exactly one week after police raided Mr. Martin’s hotel room home was raided, the F.B.I.forcefully raided his home and conducted a 16-hour search.  See the interview here.


In China’s far western region of Xinjiang, Uighurs have continued to protest the gov’t land grabbing, violent segregation, mass kidnapping, and exile. Yesterday, at least 156 people were killed, over 1,000 injured, and at least 1,434 arrested. (more…)

Jeremy Scahill on “Obama’s undeclared war against Pakistan”; The end of Western hegemony?; Deaths in Iraq on the rise;  Admitting fraud, Iran denies nullifying vote; Mousavi calls for rally on Thursday, Iran judiciary threatens force; Somalia announces “state of emergency”; U.K. thugs arrest women for asking their badge numbers; Scientology leader beats his staff. (more…)

al Jazeera English’s (AJE) “Inside Story” takes a look at Iran’s controversial elections, the protests that have followed, and the potential recount. (more…)

Legislative Aide to Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) Daniel McAdams writes on the blog that this could very well be a US-funded experiment or display to enhance global obedience to broke — therefore, dwindling — superpower. (more…)