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Looking into the derivatives crisis and major players that manufactured the economic crisis, anything short of killing the ‘Creature from Jekyll Island’ would be unjust.


Tom Woods discusses his Seymour Melman’s research on the socio-economic harms of the military industrial complex’s partnership with the U.S. government. (more…)

Kissinger calls Iran a ‘weak and small country with inherent limits’; Muslims and Han Chinese clash in Western China, killing 156+; G-8 to dictate radically tyrannical “green” policies; Fed economist warned of a collapse if interest rates didn’t raise in 2003;  Shanghai, HK, and Indonesia take steps away from dollar hegemony; India to steal more land from the poor to multinational corporations; Thomas Woods schools some mindless, so-called ‘progressive’ tyranny cheerleaders; and more… (more…)

David Gordon’s review of Killing in War; 19 to 150 dead in Iranian resistance Saturday; Mousavi ‘prepared for martyrdom’; U.S. put the ‘Green’ in ‘Green Revolution’; Gordon Prather on Israel’s nukes; Thomas Woods on Paul Krugman FAIL!; Did the CIA kill RFK? (more…)