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For those unaware, I’m a weekly editor at Strike the Root. You can see my editions every Friday…. Wait, TODAY’S FRIDAY!!!


Today, at Strike the Root, I posted an article by Jonathan Cook at The Electronic Intifada of an Israeli judge’s “historic ruling… when he decided that an Arab teenager needed ‘protection’ from the justice system and ordered that he not be convicted despite being found guilty of throwing stones at a police car during a protest against Israel’s attack last winter on Gaza”. Judge Yuval Shadmi wrote in the verdict: “I will say that the state is not authorized to caress with one hand the Jewish ‘ideological’ felons, and flog with its other hand the Arab ‘ideological’ felons.” Robert Fisk, in a recent lecture, discussed the propaganda efforts in the West that refute the e-mails I’ve received from those outraged by the judge’s ruling (2:13):


Sayyid and I are swamped with work and finals preparations for Masters’ classes operating under the trimester format. The next week to ten days will not have as many posts as usual due our law school finals following these, finishing up group studies at The Council and finding new projects to pay the bills after these studies.

That said, today there will be added content from the both of us and Sayyid will be editing a lot of drafts to be posted throughout the weekend.

Also, I’m guest editing Strike The Root on Friday, so check that out.

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