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News and views from around the web posted to the Wonderland Wire:


Glenn Greenwald, constitutional lawyer and contributing editor at Salon, said today that secrecy is a “religion” of governments. The consent for such secrecy by the masses is a faithful example of conscientious ignorance, but a free society is no institution is immune to scrutiny and WikiLeaks, a site for whistleblowers to confidentially shed light on institutional secrets, is a crucial barrier between freedom and slavery.

Earlier this month, the site’s heroic founder, Julian Assange, spoke with’s Chris Anderson about the vital role his site has to play in society, the organization’s methods, the line between legitimate and illegitimate secrecy (19:34):


News and views from around the web posted to the Wonderland Wire:


WikiLeaks obtained and, today, released footage filmed from a helicopter cockpit showing a missile strike and shooting on a crowded square in New Baghdad, Iraq in July 2007 where 12 civilians—with a Reuters photographer and his driver—were slain (2:23):

Julian Assange, editor and co-founder of WikiLeaks, confirms the authenticity of the video at Al Jazeera English (6:28):


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