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Jeremy Scahill, leading journalist on the Pentagon’s military contracting, discussed the “incredibly disappointing” Washington Post series on giant system of ‘top secret’ operations of the U.S. government with AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton at Pacifica. He discussed “preparing the battlefield” operations, the WaPo as a “dumping ground” for the C.I.A. and the ‘system intended to give cover to clandestine operators in the private sector acting on behalf of the government’.

Later, Mr. Horton discussed blowback in Somalia against foreign intervention in Somali society perpetuating the horror in the Horn of Africa, giving a great summary of the recent history that led to the current state of affairs in the territory from the Bush Administration’s invasion to the Obama Administration shipping in arms, but blocking food entry. He also discussed 9/11 as blowback for Washington’s enabling of Israel’s ‘war crimes’ (25:50):


Jeremy Scahill on “Obama’s undeclared war against Pakistan”; The end of Western hegemony?; Deaths in Iraq on the rise;  Admitting fraud, Iran denies nullifying vote; Mousavi calls for rally on Thursday, Iran judiciary threatens force; Somalia announces “state of emergency”; U.K. thugs arrest women for asking their badge numbers; Scientology leader beats his staff. (more…)