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On the same day it runs an editorial saying anything less than full-scale occupation of Afghanistan “looks like a loser”, The Washington Post (WaPo) runs an article of sob-stories from still-occupied Iraq describing how Iraqis want the U.S. occupation to remain there.


Iran protests described as a “massacre” today; Gareth Porter on the Saudis protecting bin Laden; BBC interview with former detainees at Bagram describe being tortured; $48.8 bn more money that doesn’t exist for international state cronyism; U.N. report on drugs; and more… (more…)

David Gordon’s review of Killing in War; 19 to 150 dead in Iranian resistance Saturday; Mousavi ‘prepared for martyrdom’; U.S. put the ‘Green’ in ‘Green Revolution’; Gordon Prather on Israel’s nukes; Thomas Woods on Paul Krugman FAIL!; Did the CIA kill RFK? (more…)