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The Texas Board of Education votes to infuse more loyalism into the indoctrination of the youth.


Libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano’s internet show “Freedom Watch” from FNC’s Strategy Room interviews Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), WSJ’s Steve Moore, and anarchist president of the Mises Institute Lew Rockwell, Jr. with Peter Schiff Tracy Byrnes, and Cody Willard in studio. (more…)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) take questions from the People on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. (more…)

A State with nothing to spend can’t spend to stimulate the economy, no matter what the Third Way fascists say. (more…)

Austrian economist and Lincoln historian Thomas DiLorenzo discusses Abe Lincoln’s horrid record on civil liberties during his unjust war, recorded at the Mises Institute, 06-06-2006. (more…)

Ron Paul reveals why he was so outraged at the recent House vote condemning Gaza. Here’s one more reason he should be outraged. (more…)

Congress votes (again) 390-5 to wholeheartedly condemn Hamas and support Israeli military aggression. Ron Paul voices resolution “is not in the interest of the United States; it’s not in the interests of Israel either.” (more…)

Murray Rothbard on central planning, the market, the national debt., and the role of the State. (more…)


Lew Rockwell interviews David Nolan — fellow Skull, founder of the Libertarian Party, and inventor of the Nolan Chart (where “The Political Compass Test” derives):