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The Washington Post lays out the bullet points so we don’t have to. I wrote about the biometric national ID card mandate that links to a fingerprint database here. The plan is to plug everyone into the matrix within six years.

The highlights are disgusting and no one should feel safe. The borders would be heavily militarized with a “zero tolerance” for undocumented border crossings, special treatment for “highly skilled foreign students in the sciences” and “low-skilled non-agricultural workers”, all undocumented workers must have portions of their already-small fruits of their labor forcefully expropriated and “pay fees” (bribes) to apply for permanent residency, expand Big Brother technology to show you really cool looking demonstrations of how advanced they are.

I marched for May Day here in Chicago, but not for this. If you did, shame on you.


Congressional Democrats exploit public outrage to enact a proposal ‘with which people are more comfortable’.


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