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Libertarian scholar Roderick T. Long discusses the non-aggression principle, left-libertarianism, racism, class consciousness, and Marx (56:41):


Anthony Gregory, Campaign for Liberty (C4L) editor-in-chief and research analyst at The Independent Institute discusses his recent article in response to the neo-Nazi deadly shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Museum and “right-wing extremism” last week titled, “James W. Von Brunn and the Poison of Racist Collectivism,” on AntiWar Radio. (more…)

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (DN!) interviews Mumia Abu-Jamal from Death Row a week after his plea for a new trial was rejected. (more…)

Infoshop: For millions of people, both in America and abroad, the inauguration of a Black person as President of the United States was a moment of transcendent history, one of meaning and significance that suggests real change in a nation that has long labored under its racist history. (more…)

AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton interviews Anthony Gregory on the tyrannical, racist drug war and civil [sic] forfeiture a week after his speech at the 2009 NH Liberty Forum. (more…)

Mark Selzer on why institutionalized collectivism and the religion of big government are the illusions that create war. (more…)

Prof. Noam Chomsky on the criminalization of marijuana to target certain classes. Pretty funny. For more, see Part II of “Chomsky’s Lectern: Anarchism, Elections, and the Problem of Crime(4:37):


al Jazeera‘s “Inside Story” takes a look at where the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas is now, where it can go, and the Feb. 10th elections in Israel. (more…)