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Brazil, India, and China meet in Russia as the four contries begin talks to break away from dollar hegemony — an ambition strongly pursued by Russia lately. (more…)

Kansas Fed head blows the whistle on it serving an ‘oligarchy of itnerests’, the significance of Iran’s elections on U.S. policy, Justin Raimondo responds to an Israeli Minister calling for sanctions on the U.S., the U.S. military holding over 11,000 kidnapped Iraqis, Russia calls out the U.S. double standard on nuclear disarmament, and more… (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux and Little Alex discuss the Middle East, China’s motivations in the global economy, positive and negatives of ‘liberalizing’ trade, among other topics. (more…)

Scott Horton interviews Mark Ames on the geopolitics, history, and future of the Russo-Georgian conflict, heavily opposed Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili, Georgia’s significance in the oil industry, and NATO. (more…)

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