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More on Obama’s plans to declare an executive order allowing him to detain anyone indefinitely; Bernie Madoff and GE robbery; Israel’s nuclear weapons; Israel erecting more settlements in the West Bank; Ahmadinejad declared the official winner of Iran’s highly disputed presidential election; SCOTUS rejects 9/11 survivors’ claim against the Saudis for funneling money to al-Qa’ida. (more…)

Obama drafting executive order for prolonged, indefinite detention; A ridiculously tragic Gitmo story from Andy Worthington; Spain greatly curbs “universal jurisdiction” law to protect U.S torturers; Gareth Porter on the B.S. report from the U.S. military “investigation into the Farah Massacre it carried out May 4; Torture in Israel; Sheldon Richman on healthcare, democracy, and American politics; and more… (more…)

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on President Obama’s speech — calling him out for his leaked plan to detain people in defiance of international law and the Constitution. (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on privatizing restaurants on Capitol Hill, Guantánamo, and Obama rubbing it in our face that which makes the State what it is: its ‘monopoly on violence’. (more…)