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A TONDAR member in Iranian custody tells the State-run media his connection to the group originated through a U.S.-run media corporation.


As more damning evidence of the U.S. government’s guidance of Jundallah surfaces, the Pentagon brushes it off as any American of the political class would: don’t look at the evidence, silly, look at the silly brownish people you already don’t like.


Jundallah has claimed responsibility for attacking a “unity gathering between Sunni and Shia tribal leaders”. The rising death toll was last reported at 49.


Philip Alston, U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, demands ‘real accountability’ for the U.S.-led coalition’s mounting death toll of Afghan civilians — notably the May attack on Farah that killed 130-140 civilians, including up to 95 children where the U.S. military concedes to making ‘significant errors’. (more…)

As promised throughout his campaign, the president will continue to expand violations of Pakistan’s sovereignty to commit drone attacks. (more…)

Israel PM-designate Bibi Netanyahu (aka “Mr. Iran”) has struggled to build a coalition gov’t. Would he resort to manufacturing a crisis? (more…)

Noam Chomsky says that there has always been economic intervention by the state in the so-called free market economy countries. (more…)