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Pew poll finds a larger portion of Americans believe the U.S. “should “mind its own business internationally” than ever before.


Israel Navy prepares to attack Iran with consent from the West.


Obama interviewed about his executive order to police thought-crime; Saudi Arabia grants consent for a pre-emptive strike on Iran to Israel; U.N. envoy calls Free Gaza aid-delivering activists’ kidnapping by Israel ‘criminal’; Iran clerics declare gov’t illegitimate; Glenn Greenwald notes NYT hypocrisy in classifying Iran’s treatment of prisoners as “torture”; China and India protest the U.S. ‘cap-and-trade scheme’; and more… (more…)

The Center for Strategic and International Studies advises Israel to use ballistic missles in pre-emptive strike on Iran. (more…)

Israel PM-designate Bibi Netanyahu (aka “Mr. Iran”) has struggled to build a coalition gov’t. Would he resort to manufacturing a crisis? (more…)