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Max Keiser, in the premier of his new show on Russia Today, comments on the U.S. funding the Taliban, President Barack Obama’s Asian tour proving U.S. economic desperation, global ‘de-dollarization’ and (of course) Wall Street crooks with Danny Schechter (27:03):


More on Obama’s plans to declare an executive order allowing him to detain anyone indefinitely; Bernie Madoff and GE robbery; Israel’s nuclear weapons; Israel erecting more settlements in the West Bank; Ahmadinejad declared the official winner of Iran’s highly disputed presidential election; SCOTUS rejects 9/11 survivors’ claim against the Saudis for funneling money to al-Qa’ida. (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on Obama’s ongoing occupation of Iraq, FDIC ‘reserves’, and the accusations of Bernie Madoff. (more…)