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A recent study released by the civil liberties advocacy group highlights the rise in U.S. government Big Brother policies by localizing the National Security State with no accountability.


Kevin Carson on the police. (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on the problem of who watches the watchdogs — recent corruption with the British Parliament, rape in the U.S. military, domestic violence among police officers.


Kevin Carson on the Constitutional loopholes of the immoral drug war. (more…)

Alternative police and judicial services to those of the State. (more…)

They’re a waste and a crime, says Mark Crovelli. (more…)

The State of Missouri Information Analysis Center report “The Modern Militia Movement” identifies people who “display Libertarian material”. (more…)

Wikileaks: Police must be brought to justice. (more…)

Open Source Socialist Publishing: Peter Kropotkin, the father of anarcho-communism, turns his devastating critical eye upon the law in capitalist society, in this short, but sharply argued pamphlet. (more…)

Al Jazeera English: Inside Story – “Greece’s Hopeless Youth”:

Part One (13:52):

Part Two (9:31):

Democracy Now! – “Uprising in Greece: Protests, Riots, Strikes Enter 6th Day Following Fatal Police Shooting of Teen” (10:06):