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  • C.I.A. Baghdad chief was ‘sacked’ after two detainees died in custody
  • 2009 already deadliest year of the Afghan War
  • Israel ‘unwilling to negotiate’ an East Jerusalem withdrawal
  • I.A.E.A. diplomats say Iran has not expanded uranium enrichment
  • Bernanke reappointed to second term as FED head
  • U.K. wants to disallow internet service for those who participate in ‘illegal’ file sharing (more…)

Pakistan Taliban denies U.S.-Pak reports its leader was killed; 54% of Americans oppose Afghan War; U.S. kills five Afghan cucumber farmers thinking they were loading munitions; ‘Iran unlikely to produce uranium for a nuke ’til at least 2013′, U.S. intel says; U.S. dollar hits ten-month low; Georgia and Russia continue ‘warlike rhetoric’; E.U. seizes Indian generics to compete on the market because of patents… (more…)