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Professor Norman Finkelstein’s lecture at the University of Southern California, 11 March 2010, on the Gaza Massacre as discussed in his most recent book, This Time We Went Too Far: Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Massacre:

  • The preceding internal politics of Israel, Gaza and the international community’s reaction;
  • Israel breaking its ceasefire with Hamas while the world was distracted by the ‘coronation‘ of Barack Obama;
  • Why ‘22 days of death and destruction‘, as Amnesty International called the massacre, wasn’t a ‘war’;
  • The ‘crimes’ of Hamas rocket attacks v. those of Israel ‘terrorizing‘, according to the Goldstone Report, Gazans;
  • Israel soldiers’ description of the massacre as ‘insane hunting season, like a video game, like a child killing ants with a magnifying glass’;
  • Israel’s unlawful repeated targeting of civilians and the use of weaponized white phosphorus;
  • The Western perpetuation of ‘Israel’s propaganda’ which is contrary to the reports of a diverse array of non-governmental organizations finding Israel’s ‘aim to punish, numiliate and terrorize the civilian population’ as ‘systematic and deliberate policy’, consistent with then-Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni bragging her soldiers invasion Gaza ‘demonstrated real hooliganism‘;
  • The bipartisan Massacre Deniers of the United States in the White House and public universities, along with Elie Wiesel—because ‘every circus needs a clown’.

Part One (9:49):


An estimated 9,000 Palestinians kidnapped to Israeli jails every year. Up to 700 minors were among those detained last year. More than 270 Palestinian children are currently held captive in Israeli prisons. Those who have been released share claims of having been tortured during captivity. More than 20% of patients at Palestine’s only torture victim center are indeed children as post-traumatic stress disorder soars among the demographic. Nour Odeh reports at Al Jazeera English from Ramallah in the occupied West Bank (2:23):


Historian and writer Tariq Ali and Professor Noam Chomsky speak in London 29 October 2009 on U.S. hypocrisy toward Iran,  U.S. occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the U.S. role as Israel’s enabler and ‘mafia godfather’, Palestinian leadership’s ‘collaboration’ with the U.S. and Israel against a ‘solution’, international law, the hopes for peace in the near future and the double game the Obama Administration plays with its rhetoric and contrary actions. Mr. Ali begins speaking around the 7:00 mark, Prof Chomsky around the 21:00 mark and a Q&A follows where he suggests a “no-state solution” as “the best solution for the whole world”. (1:57:40):

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