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Does this not make the name “Public Service Commission” the biggest Orwellianism ever created? (more…)

AntiWar Radio: Eric Margolis, author of American Raj: Liberation or Domination, discusses the contradictory U.S. policy of supporting Pakistan’s government while continuing drone airstrikes that foment popular rebellion, growing ranks of the Taliban, plans for a Caspian oil pipeline, India’s development of ICBM’s, and how Iran’s uranium enrichment is an assertion of technological and economic independence. (more…)

Wikileaks: The curious tale of an Obama hating, cashed up, nuclear Timothy McVeigh from Maine. (more…)

Obama does what he does best — leaves out specifics when the specifics display his absolutely blatant, uncontroversial deceit. (more…)

AntiWar Radio: Ray McGovern, former senior analyst at the CIA, discusses the ebb and flow of neoconservative influence in the White House, how the scuttled Charles Freeman appointment weakens U.S. leverage with Israel, the shortcomings of the mainstream media and how the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran prevented a disastrous war. (more…)

Eric Margolis on the US repeating the Iraq Newspeak against Iran. (more…)

Jim Lobe, DC Bureau Chief for IPS, discusses Neo-Conservatism, Obama’s Middle East special adviser Dennis Ross and his co-founding of an Israel lobby (AIPAC) think-tank (WINEP), Iran, and the resurgence of the Arab League. (more…)

The US knows that Israel is commiting acts of terrorism by threatening Iran and remains silent, while issuing tacit consent — supplying it all and playing the public relations game of fear and confusion. (more…)

US nuclear power plant wants protectionism in advance from the taxpayers. (more…)

Retd. CIA Ray McGovern: US attempt to trap the USSR in 1979 is at root of current situation in Afghanistan. (more…)

The Newspeak rattling the sabres for war with Iran. (more…)

Prof. Chomsky’s 2007 lecture at MIT from 29 Apr 07 on the Iraq effect of increasing terror and threats toward Iran are still very relevant as Iran re-enters the news cycle a couple of months after Obama said, Iran can do this the hard way or the easy way.Q&A follows. (more…)

“Special edition program of BrassTacks, Zaid Hamid once again strongly and conclusively challenges and dispels the Indian lies and propaganda surrounding the Mumbai blasts” (more…)