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Rep. Ron Paul (R-RX), opposing H.R. 2194: Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act of 2009 saying, “Sanctions are an act of war!” Dr. Paul reiterates that Iran has been compliant with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and this act of war is similar to the way the Bush Administration drummed up a pre-emptive war against Iraq under false pretense. Experts have a near consensus that sanctions would mostly harm Iranian citizens and further strengthen the hardliners in power (5:13):


Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) takes questions on the Federal [sic] Reserve, fiat money and U.S. imperialism in the wake of his most recent book, End the Fed, on al Jazeera’s (AJE) “The Riz Khan Show” (22:25):

Part One (10:55):

Part Two (11:30):