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Harvard University Professor Stephen Walt, co-writer of The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy with Professor John Mearsheimer, was recently on the Pakistani program ‘Washington Report”. The episode was posted in four parts, but the first is an introduction completely in Urdu, so we’re just posting the last three parts—the interview itself.

He discusses the impact of The Lobby, which “ties one hand behind America’s back”, on its role in “how American foreign policy works”—ignorant of “the fact is that unconditional support for Israel isn’t good for the United States” and “probably not even good for Israel”. He also discusses the  “foolish” self-defeating nature of the Obama Adminsitration’s motivation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Prof. Walt is a truly independent amoral Realpolitik theorist, one of the most compelling and informative political scientists of our time.

Part One (7:27):