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Lew Rockwell and Walter Block on the failures of the State intervention in Hurricane Katrina shortly following the disaster. (more…)

Legislative Aide to Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) Daniel McAdams writes on the blog that this could very well be a US-funded experiment or display to enhance global obedience to broke — therefore, dwindling — superpower. (more…)

Kevin Carson breaks down some alternatives to massive, inefficient, protectionist government proposals for a free and fair economy, instead of band-aid’ing what’s broken and can never be truly fixed. (more…)

Amnesty Int’l response to Sudan expelling NGOs following the ICC’s warrant for Pres. al-Bashir. (more…)

The pre-election pledge of Pres. Obama to pull combat troops out of Iraq in 16 months without residual forces has changed to 19 months with 50,000 residual forces remaining — though Obama could remove all troops within a year if he wanted to. (more…)

Red-faced and unusually tongue-tied Israeli officials were forced to try and explain to U.S. Senator John Kerry during his visit to Israel last week why truckloads of pasta waiting to enter the besieged Gaza strip were not considered humanitarian aid while rice was. (more…)