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The meme of ‘intellectual property’ is anti-market and anti-liberty. (more…)

Prelude and source list to a series on the global monetary policy of control and explaining big government’s finances. (more…)

Jeff Tucker on the patent-copyright regime. (more…)

Lew Rockwell famous (and optimistic) ‘The State is a Window Breaker’ lecture applying the Henry Hazlitt lesson to today from Jan ’08. (more…)

Esteemed Swiss investment analyst and philanthropist Marc Faber on the ‘Zimbabwean’ economic model of the US. (more…)

Jeff Tucker on Big Pharma, the FDA, and ‘IP’. (more…)

Walter Block discusses the flaws of the political spectrum at a Mises Institute summit, “The Economics of Fascism”. (more…)

Jeff Tucker on the State’s “intellectual property” vs. market competition. (more…)

The absurdity of copyright and ‘cui bono?’ of it all. (more…)

Keynesianism is not good for you. (more…)

A 1984 speech by Dr. Murray N. Rothbard. (more…)

Jeff Tucker, editorial vice president of the Mises Institute, on the new frontier in “IP”. (more…)

Anarcho-capitalist President of the Mises Institute Lew Rockwell on the far-sighted “intellectual clarity” necessary to understand the current economic crisis. (more…)

MSM renowned forecaster Gerald Celente projects the economy’s future after we ‘subsidize the fat-cat losers and penalize the working producers’ with Keynesian economics heading us toward the ‘greatest depression’. (more…)

Thomas E. Woods, Jr. on Austrian Cycle Theory, central planning, the current economic crisis, and how we got here. (more…)