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Glenn Greenwald, consitutional lawyer and blogger at Salon, discussed the case of Pfc. Bradley Manning—the 22-year-old U.S. Army intelligence analyst in Iraq kidnapped by the U.S. military for reportedly leaking the Collateral Murder video, the May 2009 Garani Massace in Afghanistan and a quarter-million diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks—at AntiWar Radio with Scott Horton. He added that the government and media smear tactics against Pfc. Manning are typical U.S. government tactics vilify its heroic enemies, like it did with Daniel Ellsburg when he leaked the Pentagon Papers (9:53):


From today’s Daily Briefing: “‘John Jacob’ spent the last two years spying on anarchist activists of the Students for a Democratic Society in Tacoma and Olympia, WA for the U.S. military. (InfoShop News)… If the InfoShop link has problems, you can read more by Jeremy Pawloski at The Olympian.”

Amy Goodman and Anjali Kamat of Democracy Now! (DN!) interview Washington activists spied on by the military operative. The operative reportedly spied on activists from organizations including Students for a Democratic Society, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Port Militarization Resistance.


Bush Administration considered breaking the Posse Comitatus Act in 2001 to have the military arrest people on U.S. soil; U.S. admits it has no evidence to supporting holding teenager at Gitmo; India launches nuclear sub; U.S.-allied refugees labeled “terrorists”; Police sodomize man with taser; and more… (more…)

Tom Woods discusses his Seymour Melman’s research on the socio-economic harms of the military industrial complex’s partnership with the U.S. government. (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on the problem of who watches the watchdogs — recent corruption with the British Parliament, rape in the U.S. military, domestic violence among police officers.


al Jazeera made the accusation that U.S. soldiers were acting as Christian missionaries in Afghanistan. The Pentagon said, ‘Prove it!al Jazeera did. Oh boy, they did. al Jazeera‘s (AJE) “Inside Story” and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (DN!) report on what’s just the tip of the iceberg. (more…)

Lew Rockwell and Walter Block on the failures of the State intervention in Hurricane Katrina shortly following the disaster. (more…)

Scott Horton interviews Guy Lawon on the drug war, increasing violence in Mexico, and how prohibition fuels violence. (more…)

Prof Chomsky: “The obvious question is, why bother celebrating NATO at all? In fact, why does it exist?” Prof. Chomsky also analyzes the Obama administration’s escalation of the Afghanistan occupation and reacts to the new Netanyahu government in Israel. (more…)

Wolf Blitzer interviews Mr. Hersh on Syria’s aggressive willingness to push MidEast peace, the US role, and Fmr. VP Dick Cheney’s ‘executive assassination wing’. (more…)

Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on the moral hazard of reactionary measures to AIG “bonuses”. (more…)

AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton interviews Anthony Gregory on the tyrannical, racist drug war and civil [sic] forfeiture a week after his speech at the 2009 NH Liberty Forum. (more…)

TRNN’s exceptional panel on why we’re in Afghanistan, what’s seen, and what is not seen. (more…)

Obama does what he does best — leaves out specifics when the specifics display his absolutely blatant, uncontroversial deceit. (more…)