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Last week, the Newspeak was of a thwarted coup attempt in Iraq by Ba’athist resurgences, still loyal to Saddam Hussein. The report was that 35 officials were arrested over three days for to re-form the largely Sunni Ba’ath Party through an underground party, Al-Awda.

“Whoever talks about a coup in this country is imagining things. There are no coups in Iraq and there is no one who think about making a coup,” Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki said along with Iraq being a democracy and there was “absolutely no place for thinking of coups while there is freedom and the people have the ability to express themselves through the ballot.”

After The New York Times and The LA Times reported the number of those arrested at 24 and questions within the Kurdish, Sunni, and Shiite legal communities and among the lawmakers as to whether or not the arrests were politically motivated, those arrested were simply released.

23 (or 24) are reported to have been released from Iraq’s custody after the AFP quoted the spokesman for Iraq’s military command, General Qasem Atta, as saying the arrests followed “information that certain officers have aided terrorist activity, outlaws and henchmen from the former regime” and that senior interior ministry was reporting up to 50 arrested and one calling it an attempted coup. This is after a January decision by the Iraq Parliament to allow former Ba’athists to have government posts.

What the hell happened here? Was this a coup attempt? Was this resistance organization? Or was this that evil thing the world can never allow in a free country: democracy?

We don’t know how many have died as a result of the Iraq War, but we do know that 4,000+ Americans have and they were all told that they were fighting for democracy. How would their families like to know that in Iraq, you’re detained for forming a political party with a dissenting opinion?

While the West had a coup shoved down their throats, we had a chuckle over Pres. Bush getting shoes thrown at him. Conveniently, we missed that this yuck-yuck-ba-dum-ching moment for us was created as such by our media.

The alleged coup attempt and arrests and the eventual release of those arrested occured while Iraqi Parliament Speaker, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, announced his resignation stating, “I have no honor leading this parliament and I announce my resignation.”

The Newspeak was a distraction from the uprise of non-militant, non-violent, non-fundamentalist, non-fascist Arabs hailing the shoe thrower.

The late night talk show jokes had us laughing while Muntazer al-Zaidi, the journalist who threw his shoes at the president, was tortured.

I hope and pray that hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, lost the joy in ever seeing a sunrise again for this.

Think about it. After a week where millions demonstrated in support of Mr. al-Zaidi and his shoes, the people arrested for wanting to overthrow the Iraqi government are Ba’athist Saddam Hussein supporters.