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The I.S.O.’s publication editorializes on why the “the Democratic Party is celebrating health care reform—and so is Corporate America”.


An analysis of applying libertarian justice and mutualist living by Karl Hess from the newsletter he co-edited with Murray Rothbard. This article appeared in the same issue as Prof. Rothbard’s heavily-circulated “Confiscation and the Homestead Principle” [.pdf].


Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on Obama’s decision to “look toward the future” regarding torture.


Freedomain Radio host Stefan Molyneux on the moral hazard of reactionary measures to AIG “bonuses”. (more…)

Paul: Why doesn’t the government have to prove guilt? (more…)

Brad Spangler: AIG is paying bonuses with stolen property. Taking back stolen property isn’t theft. (more…)

Wikileaks: Police must be brought to justice. (more…)

Scott Horton of AntiWar Radio interviews Glenn Greenwald who “discusses the Obama administration’s impact on civil liberties, the failure of Obama’s government to reverse a single Bush-era legal position, how the Bagram prison in Afghanistan is replacing Guantanamo as the new extralegal detention facility, the spectacular claim that a global war on terror makes the whole world a battlefield and all its inhabitants potential enemy combatants, the history of the state secrets privilege from its original limited exemptions to the current claims of total immunity and why non-prosecuting truth and reconciliation committees should be reserved for third-world countries.” (more…)