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Radley Balko, senior editor of Reason magazine, on Bill Clinton distracting people from ‘the day we remember and lament the Clinton’s administration’s monumental fuck-up, and possibly reflect on massive power of government to simply eliminate people it deems weird or fringe or threatening to take to the pages of the New York Times to celebrate government, and to denounce and marginalize the people who dare to criticize it’. (h/t: Jeremy Weiland)

[pictured: children murdered by the U.S. government during the Waco Massacre]


Earlier this month, in Madison, WI, Professor Noam Chomsky reflected on:

  • His early personal exposure to anarchism and activism through people we wouldn’t today call ‘intellectuals’, but the insight of ‘everyday people’;
  • The crushing of liberation ventures by “fascism, Stalinism and liberal democracies” and the “miraculous sympathy and humanity” of the most brutally oppressed from Vietnam to Palestine to Southern Colombia;
  • His introduction to the “intellectual class” of “liberal democrat” gatekeepers during his graduate studies and its manipulation of the word “enemy” for “conquerors”, ‘radical rewrite’ of John F. Kennedy’s “legacy” to communicate him as a “dove” after the Tet Offensive, ‘liberal imperialists’  and their ‘unprincipled’ objection to the U.S. invasion of Iraq as a “strategic blunder” showing its ‘deeply rooted imperial mentality’;
  • The validity of the “Tea Party Movement”, the “big business community” and their love for Obama, the “owners of society” and how policy is engineered for “their interests”;
  • The “global shift in power” from the “workforce to multinational capital” making China a giant “assembly plant”, the financial community’s ‘rational externality’ of “systemic risk” for “institutional reasons” provided by the “Nanny State”, the “doom loop” of government bailouts that provide incentive for those in power to create “financial crises”;
  • The “moving” and “articulate”, though “ridiculed”, “manifesto” of terrorist Joe Stack before his suicide bombing (57:48):


News and views from around the web posted to the Wonderland Wire:

Jack Hunter, a.k.a. “The Southern Avenger”, doesn’t think to nonsensically disagree he was. But adds that understanding terrorism isn’t condoning it, but imperative to ending it—no matter what dirt on what hemisphere on which the terrorist was born (5:24):